Child playing chess

Archived Experiments

The experiments on this list are closed. No new data will be collected. However, you can run through any of them that you wish. You may find this useful in understanding the results reported for any of these experiments, or you may find it simply entertaining.


Rapid Reading (White Bear) (originally hosted by the Visual Cognition Online Lab at Harvard; ~3 minutes)


The Meaning of Actions: Our Bodies, Our Minds (3-5 minutes)


How the Brain Reads (10 minutes)


Letter Sense (3-5 minutes)


Letter Sense II (approx. 5 minutes)


The Birth Order Survey (5 minutes)


Word Sense (5 minutes; see your results at end) Can you figure out what a word means by how it sounds?


Learning the Names of Things (5 minutes; see your results at end). Can you learn words the way children do?


Find the Dax (5 minutes)


Угадай кто сликтопоз (5 minutes; Find the Dax in Russian)


The Gorp Test (5 minutes)


The Memory Test (3 minutes)


Puntastic (3+ minutes)


EmotionSense. (5 minutes).


Drama Queen. (5 minutes).


The Video Test. (15-20 minutes).


That Kind of Person. (5 minutes).


The Communication Game. (2-4 minutes).


Pronoun Sleuth. (5-10 minutes.


The Language & Memory Test. (10-15 minutes).


Дива. (5-10 minutes).


Collecting Fancy Art. (10-15 minutes).


Finding Explanations. (10 minutes).


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